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Here are useful links to companies that provide good service for projector lamps and some not so good service. There are other useful links as well regarding the purchase of projectors and lamps..

This site offers a great wealth of information on projectors in general, a site to bookmark!

The Projector Lamp Center out of Atlanta treated us very poorly! We ordered a lamp for overnight delivery for an event in which we needed a projectcor in service. About 3:00 the next day while we are loading out for the event we nervously called the Projector Lamp Center to inquire about when the lamp may be arriving. Well the person that took the order evidently had looked at the wrong information and the bulb was not even available for shipping. That would have been OK had he been thoughtful or courteous enough to call and inform us of the mistake allowing us to make other arrangements, they did not, we had to rent a projector. They have not credited our charge card and it's has been seven days. This is not the first problem with this company, we have filed a complaint with the BBB, we should have known better.

Unfavorable reviews Projector Lamp Center: Jan 2008

Request_Comments: Hey Guys,

I just wanted to say I rfecently had the same experience with Projector Lamp Center. I ordered something overnight for a customer becuase we were temporarily out of stock and they needed it overnight. I called the next day for the tracking number and they said that the order wouldn't ship for another week. I asked them to cancel the order. A week later they shipped my order and is charging me 15%restocking plus all shipping costs. Jerks!

Bulb and Battery Center, Mableton, Ga.

Jack Reilly



Great reliable company, costs a little more but worth the comfort of knowing you will be treated as a professional by a professional.

Another great source for projector lamps !




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